JMP displays numbers as currency using the Format() function, which uses the following syntax:
Format(x,"Currency", <"currency code">, <decimal>, < << Use Locale(Boolean));
x is a column or a number
"currency code" is an International Standards Organization (ISO) 4217 code
decimal is the number of decimal places
To illustrate the Format function:
Format( 12345.6, "Currency", "GBP", 3 );
Format( 12345.6, "Currency", 3);
Format( 12345.6, "Currency", 3, <<Use Locale( 0 ) );
Tip: If you change the region when JMP is open, restart JMP for the Use Locale setting to work properly.
Format( 12345.6, "Currency", "BBD", 3 );
"BBD 12,345.600"
Table 5.5 lists the currencies supported in JMP.

Help created on 7/12/2018