Analyzes definitive screening designs using a methodology called Effective Model Selection for DSDs. This methodology takes advantage of the special structure of definitive screening designs.
Generate a design that is orthogonal or nearly orthogonal for main effects. Near-orthogonal designs allow for categorical and discrete numeric factors with any number of levels, as well as two-level continuous factors. These designs focus on estimating main effects in the presence of negligible interactions.
Covering Array
Constructs combinatorial designs that you can use to test software, networks, and other systems. A strength t covering array has the property that every combination of levels of every t factors appears in at least one run. Covering arrays allow for any number of categorical factors, each with an arbitrary number of levels. Disallowed combinations can be specified.
Constructs design for testing a treatments in b blocks where only k treatments (k < a) can be run in any one block
.Taguchi Arrays

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