As shown in Table 10.1, reports in JMP are built in a hierarchical manner by nesting and concatenating different types of rectangular boxes called display boxes. This section shows you how to navigate reports, extract data from them, and customize them.
Outline Boxes create an outline hierarchy.
Picture Boxes combine axes, frames, and labels to make graphs.
Table Boxes are special H List Boxes whose elements are string and number columns.
The hierarchical (or parent-child) relationships between display boxes form a tree of display boxes, called the display tree. For (parent) boxes that contain other (child) boxes, the parent box’s size is determined by the sizes of its child boxes rather than some fixed size, which keeps the whole display resizable. Similarly, positions of boxes are determined by positions of the boxes before them rather than using fixed positions. In tree terminology, the sizing is bottom-up and the positioning is top-down.

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