Low to high: Very Low, Low, Medium Low, Medium, Medium High, High, Very High
Agreement: Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Indifferent, Agree, Strongly Agree
Bad or good: Failing, Unacceptable, Very Poor, Poor, Bad, Acceptable, Average, Good, Better, Very Good, Excellent, Best
Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Cars.jmp.
Select Graph > Graph Builder.
Select Size and drag it into the X zone.
This variable represents the type of the vehicle. Eight levels are listed alphabetically on the X axis: compact (comp), heavy (hev), lightweight (lt), medium (med), mini, multi-purpose (mpv), pick-up truck (pu), and van. Since the levels are listed alphabetically, they are not ordered in a meaningful way. For example, heavy comes before mini and lightweight. You want to order the levels by Wt (weight).
Select Wt and drag it to the middle of the X axis. Drop it just above the X axis. Before you drop the variable, a blue quadrilateral appears.
Figure 2.19 Merging Wt and Size
The levels of Size are now arranged in increasing order according to the average Wt of all vehicles in the levels. Notice that mini and lt (lightweight) are now ordered before hev (heavy). The axis label is updated, signifying that an ordering variable is in use.
Next, verify that Size is actually ordered by Wt.
Select Wt and drag it to the Y zone.
Select Mean from the Summary Statistic list.
Figure 2.20 Example of Size Ordered by Wt, Ascending
You can see that the average Wt increases from left to right.
Right-click in the X zone and select Order By > Wt, descending.
Now the levels of Size are arranged in decreasing order of mean Wt. You want to see if the right femur load (R Leg) decreases with vehicle weight.
Right-click Wt in the Y zone and select Remove.
Select R Leg and drag it to the Y zone.
Select None from the Summary Statistic list.
Figure 2.21 Example of R Leg Ordered by Wt, Descending
R Leg seems unrelated to the weight classes.
The default ordering statistic is the mean. To use another statistic, right-click in the X zone, select Order Statistic and change it to the statistic you want.

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