Select which formula to use to set up the range. x is the value entered into the column, a is the beginning of the range, and b is the end of the range.
To see a menu of acceptable values, right-click a cell and select List Check Values. You can select the cell value from the menu instead of entering it into the cell.
Note: The Missing Value Codes column property is an extended attribute. If you plan to export to a SAS 9.4 server or Save As a SAS 9.4 file format, you should enable extended attributes in the SAS Integration Preference page. See SAS Integration in JMP Preferences for details. Alternatively, you should select Store table and column properties in SAS 9.4 extended attributes in the Save As window. If extended attributes are not selected, JMP exports or saves Missing Value Codes as missing values. Extended attributes are supported only by SAS 9.4. Earlier versions of SAS disregard any extended attributes.
Select Cols > Standardize Attributes.
Under Delete Properties, click Column Properties > Missing Value Codes.

Help created on 7/12/2018