The following example uses the Big sample data table to walk you through using the basic features of the Formula Editor. You can find Big in the sample data folder, which was installed when you installed JMP.
Big has a column called weight. Suppose you want a new column that computes standardized weight values.
Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Big
Select Cols > New Columns.
Type the new name, standard weight, in the box beside Column Name.
Select Formula from the Column Properties menu.
When you create a formula and Show Boxing is checked, the selected portion of the formula is outlined with a thin blue line. See Hide and Show Boxing. All terms within the smallest nesting box relative to the place that you clicked become selected, and the subsequent action applies to those combined elements.
Click weight again.
Select Col Mean from the Statistical list.
Click weight again from the column selector list.
Select Col Std Dev from the Statistical list.
Figure 6.19 shows the completed formula.
Figure 6.19 Building a Formula
In the data table, the new Standard Weight column fills with values. When a weight value changes, the calculated Standard Weight value automatically recalculates.

Help created on 7/12/2018