Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Big Class.jmp.
Select Analyze > Fit Y by X.
Choose Height for X and Weight for Y, and click OK.
Select Customize from the context menu.
Now the graph has a text element at the graph’s x-coordinate 55 and y-coordinate 160.
Adding a Script to a Graph Interactively
Tip: To use a script that references a column name, use Column(colname) or a colon (:colname) to scope it properly.
Hint: To see the JSL for the above actions, select Script > Save Script to Script Window from the red triangle menu.
The optional order argument specifies in what order to draw the graphics element. Order can be the keyword Back or Forward or an integer that specifies the drawing order for a number of graphics elements. For example, if you add an oval to a scatterplot, the oval is drawn on top of the markers. The keyword Back causes the oval to be drawn in the background. 1 means the object is drawn first.
The optional description argument is a string that appears in the Customize Graph window next to the graphics script.
To specify the drawing order for a number of graphics elements, use an integer for the order argument to determine where each is drawn in relation to the others. The following script first adds a blue oval behind the points in the plot, and then adds a red oval in front of the blue oval, but still behind the points.