This section provides an example of creating the formula column for a model, and fitting the model in the Nonlinear platform. The data is in the US data table. The response variable is the population (in millions) of the Unites States and the predictor is the year.
Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Nonlinear Examples/US
Right-click the Model column and select Column Properties > Formula.
Select New Parameter.
Type 4 for Value. This is the initial estimate of the parameter.
Select New Parameter.
Completed Model Formula
Select Analyze > Modeling > Nonlinear.
Assign Model to the X, Predictor Formula role.
Assign pop to the Y, Response role.
Click Go on the Control Panel to fit the model.
Plot and Solution Report
The final parameter estimates are shown in the Solution report, along with other fit statistics. The fitted model is shown on the plot.
In the formula editor, when you add a parameter, note the check box for Expand Into Categories, selecting column. This option is used to add several parameters (one for each level of a categorical variable for example) at once. When you select this option a dialog appears that enables you to select a column. After selection, a new parameter appears in the Parameters list with the name D_column, where D is the name that you gave the parameter. When you use this parameter in the formula, a Match expression is inserted, containing a separate parameter for each level of the grouping variable.
To launch the Nonlinear platform, select Analyze > Modeling > Nonlinear. The launch window is shown in Nonlinear Platform Launch Window.
Nonlinear Platform Launch Window
Select the Y variable.
Select either the X variable or a column containing the model formula with parameters.
Tells JMP that if an ingredient column to the model is a column that itself has a formula, to substitute the inner formula, as long as it refers to other columns. To prevent an ingredient column from expanding, use the Other column property with a name of “Expand Formula” and a value of 0. This option is used only when a formula column is provided in the X, Predictor Formula role.