Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Solubility.jmp.
Select Analyze > Consumer Research > Factor Analysis.
Keep the default Estimation Method and Variance Scaling.
Initial Factor Analysis Report
Factoring Method as Maximum Likelihood
Prior Communality as Common Factor Analysis
Example Factor Analysis Report
The report lists the communality estimates, variance, significance tests, rotated factor loadings, and a factor loading plot. Note that in the Factor Loading Plot, Factor 1 relates to the Carbon Tetrachloride-Chloroform-Benzene-Hexane cluster of variables, and Factor 2 relates to the Ether–1-Octanol cluster of variables. See Factor Analysis Model Fit Options for details of the information shown in the report.
Launch the Factor Analysis platform by selecting Analyze > Consumer Research > Factor Analysis. This example uses the Solubility.jmp sample data table.
Factor Analysis Launch Window
Lists the scaling methods for performing the factor analysis based on Correlations (the same as Principal Components), Covariances, or Unscaled.