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Using JMP > Save and Share Data > Create a Journal > Customize Journal Items
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Customize Journal Items

To click and drag journal items to different positions, select the selection tool (), select the item, and then drag the item to the new position. A line indicates where you can drag the item.

To adjust text wrapping, right-click the text and select Set Wrap. Enter the number of desired pixels per line and click OK. To apply the wrap to all text items, select Set Wrap, select Extend this to other text boxes, and then click OK.

To modify a plot axis, double-click or drag the axis. See Customize Axes and Axis Labels in the Axis Settings Window in the JMP Reports section.

To add text or shapes anywhere in the report, use the drawing tools (Annotate, Line, Polygon, and Simple Shape). For more information about the drawing tools, see Add Annotations and Shapes to a Report in the JMP Reports section.

To resize plots and graphs, do one of the following:

Click and drag the edge.

Right-click the plot or graph, and then select Size/Scale > Frame Size. See Resize Graphs in the JMP Reports section.

To modify the format of a numeric column, you edit the Properties pane for the display box. See Modify the Format of Numeric Columns in the JMP Reports section.

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