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Using JMP > JMP Preferences > Data Filter
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Data Filter

Data Filter preferences customize settings for data filters.

Figure 13.6 Data Filter Preferences 

Table 13.6 Preferences on the Data Filter Page




Specifies the filtering mode.


Shows the selected rows in the data table in a highlighted state..


Shows the unselected rows with the Hide icon.


Shows the unselected rows with the Exclude icon.


Specifies options for the data filter.

Auto clear

If you have more than one nominal or ordinal column selected in the Data Filter, this option clears any other selections before making a new selection.

Grouped by AND

Enables you to control the AND and OR behavior of multiple groups of column filters.


Limits the categories displayed for the selected filter column.

Use Floating Window

Keeps the Data Filter window on top of its associated data table. This option is on by default.

Select Missing

Highlights missing values in the data table.


Specifies display options for categorical columns.

Check Box Display

Shows a check box next to each level.

Show Histograms and Bars

Shows the histogram and bars in the data filter.

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