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Using JMP > Extend JMP > Combine Reports by Creating a Dashboard > Example of Combining Windows to Create a Dashboard
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Example of Combining Windows to Create a Dashboard

Instead of creating a dashboard in Dashboard Builder, you can combine open windows to create a dashboard. Dashboard Builder provides more options. However, combining windows is a quick way to create a simple dashboard.

This example shows how to combine two reports from Hollywood into a dashboard.

1. Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Hollywood

2. Run the first two table scripts

3. Select Window > Combine Windows.

4. In the Combine Windows window that appears, make the following changes:

In the Combine column, select the two report windows.

In the Filter By column, select Hollywood Movies - Distribution.

5. Click OK.

The two reports are combined into one window. Notice the filter icon at the top of the Distribution report. When you select a bar in one of the histograms, the corresponding data in the Graph Builder graph and in the data table are selected.

You can rearrange the reports as shown in Rearrange Reports in a Running Dashboard.


To combine reports on Windows, you can also select Combine Windows from the Arrange Menu option in the lower right corner of JMP windows.

In the Combine Windows window, select Summary Report View to see only the graphs in a report and omit the statistics.

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