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Publication date: 07/30/2020

Features That Support Multithreading

Some features in JMP are coded to take advantage of multiple central processing units (CPUs) on a machine, allowing these features to run significantly faster. This process is called multithreading.

The following features support multithreading:

Boosted Trees

Bootstrap Forest


Covering Arrays

Capability Analysis in Distribution

Factor Analysis

Fit Life by X

Fit Model: Parametric Survival, Mixed Model, Generalized Regression, and Response Screening

Functional Data Explorer

Gaussian ( Fast GASP and the use of Categorical variables are only in JMP Pro.)

Latent Class Analysis

Life Distribution


Neural ( Some features are only in JMP Pro.)

Nominal Logistic

Nonlinear and Nonlinear Curve

Normal Mixtures in Cluster Analysis

Partial Least Squares ( Some features are only in JMP Pro.)


Predictor Screening

Principal Components

Process Screening

Profiler (Does not apply to Profilers launched from within other platforms.)

Reliability Forecast

Repairable Systems Simulation

Response Screening

Sparse Principal Components

Structural Equation Models

Support Vector Machiines

SVD Imputation in the Missing Values Screening

Text Explorer ( SVD and Latent Class Analysis are only in JMP Pro.)

Time Series Forecast


Variable Clustering

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