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Publication date: 07/30/2020

Formula Depot

Manage Models and Generate Scoring Code

The Formula Depot Platform is available only in JMP Pro.

The Formula Depot is a repository to organize, compare, and profile models. Scoring code for deployment within or outside of JMP can be generated for models published to the Formula Depot. For model exploration work, you can use the Formula Depot to store candidate models outside of your JMP data table. The model profiler and model compare platforms are accessible from the Formula Depot. A model that is selected for further use can be saved to your JMP table or saved to a JMP table with new data for scoring. For use in an environment outside of JMP, you can generate scoring code in C, Python, JavaScript, SAS, or SQL.

Figure 12.1 Example of the Formula DepotĀ 


Overview of the Formula Depot Platform

Example of Formula Depot

Launch the Formula Depot Platform

Platforms That Publish Prediction Formulas to the Formula Depot

Formula Depot Platform Options

Formula Depot Model Options

Generating Scoring Code from the Formula Depot Platform

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