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Publication date: 07/30/2020


The Query Builder red triangle menu provides scripting and custom SQL options. The modify and run scripts are always automatically saved in the final data table.

Copy Modify Script

Copies a script to the computer’s clipboard that lets you modify the query.

Copy Run Script

Copies a script to the computer’s clipboard that lets you refresh the data and run the query.

Save Modify Script to Script Window

Saves the Modify Query script to the script window.

Save Run Script to Script Window

Saves the Update From Database script to the script window.

Run on Open

Runs the query when you open the query file.

Convert to Custom SQL

Shows the query statements in a new script editor window. You must remove prompting filters before selecting this option.

When you save the query from the Custom SQL window, the custom SQL is saved. Interactive components that were present before you customized the query are not saved. Revert to Interactive is also unavailable on the red triangle menu.

Keep this query compatible with JMP 12

Makes subsequent changes to the query compatible with JMP 12. Features that cause compatibility issues with JMP 12 are hidden while you edit the query. After you deselect this option and make a change that is supported only in JMP 13 and later, this option is no longer available.

The JMP Query Builder preferences include the same option, which is deselected by default. When you open a query in JMP 15 that is marked as JMP 12 compatible, features that create compatibility problems are hidden regardless of how the preference is set.

Revert to Interactive

Displays the interactive query in the Query Builder window. Changes that you made on the Custom SQL tab are not saved when you revert.

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