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Publication date: 07/30/2020

Scroll and Scale Axes

The hand tool (also known as the grabber tool) () provides a way to change the axes and view of a plot:

On a y-axis, dragging scrolls the y-axis; dragging or scales the y-axis.

On an x-axis, dragging scrolls the x-axis; or scales the x-axis.

Tip: When you drag an axis to change its scale, JMP automatically updates the major and minor tick increments based on the new axis width. To prevent this (retaining your original increments), hold down the Shift key while dragging.

You can also right-click in a plot or graph, and select Size/Scale (or Graph > Size/Scale). Choose one of the following options:

To adjust the scale of the X axis, select X Axis. To adjust the scale of the Y axis, select Y Axis or Right Y Axis. For more information about this window, see Customize Axes and Axis Labels in the Axis Settings Window.

For more information about the Frame Size option, see Specify Size in Pixels.

Select Size to Isometric when the x- and y-axes are measured in the same units and you want distances on the graph to be represented accurately regardless of direction.

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