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Using JMP > JMP Reports > Select Points in Graphs > Select a Rectangular Area of Points
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Select a Rectangular Area of Points

You can select all points that fall in a rectangular area using the pointer. Click and drag the arrow to highlight points. Alternatively, you can use the brush tool. As you move the brush over the graph, points that fall within the rectangle are selected. Any points marked in the data table as hidden are not selected. See Hide Rows in the Enter and Edit Data section.

To select points using the brush tool, follow these steps:

1. Click the brush tool in the toolbar.

2. Click and hold the pointer (now brush-shaped) in a plot. A rectangle appears.

3. Move the rectangle over points. As it passes over them, they appear highlighted both in the plot and in the active data table.

To keep all points selected as you move the brush-shaped pointer over points, press the Shift key before you click a point in the plot. The selected points are also selected in the data table.

Figure 9.20 Using the Brush Tool 

4. Release the mouse. The points within the rectangle and the data table remain selected.

To change the size of the selection rectangle, press the Alt key before you click in the plot. Drag the pointer to resize the selection box. This shape acts like a slicing tool that can traverse and highlight slices of points across either axis. Note: The size of the selection box is remembered for the next time you use the brush tool.

If you press the Ctrl key and click the brush tool on selected points, the points within the selection rectangle are deselected. Points outside the selection rectangle remain selected.

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