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Using JMP > JMP Reports > The Data Filter > Types of Filter Columns
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Types of Filter Columns

There are three types of filter columns, as follows:

Continuous columns

Numeric columns whose modeling type is set to continuous. A continuous filter column is represented by a slider that spans the data range.

Categorical columns

Nominal and ordinal columns. For each categorical column, the Data Filter generates a set of distinct categories. These categories can be displayed in different forms.

Note: For categorical columns with value labels, if you want to include responses that are not present in the data, select the Include Responses Not in Data option from File > Preferences > Tables.

Multiple Response columns

Character columns that have the Multiple Response column property or Multiple Response modeling type assigned. Each data cell of the column generally consists of multiple categories, separated by some common separator, like a comma. Since each data cell can contain more than one category, multiple response columns have a richer set of filtering options.

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