Publication date: 08/13/2020

Combine Columns

The Combine Columns option is the opposite of Text to Columns. Instead of making multiple columns, you can combine a set of columns into one character column with delimited fields.

To combine indicator columns, follow these steps:

1. Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Consumer

2. Select the columns, Floss After Waking Up, Floss After Meal, and Floss Before Sleep.

3. Select Cols > Utilities > Combine Columns.

4. Type “Combined Floss” for the column name, and keep the default delimiter as a comma.

5. Select Selected Columns are Indicator Columns and click OK.

Figure 4.33 Combined Floss Column 

The selected columns are represented in the Combined Floss column with each field separated by a comma. Only the columns that have a value of 1 are represented in the combined column for each given row.

Note: Value labels show a label in the data table instead of a value. A label appears for each instance of the value in the combined column. You can show the original values by double-clicking a label within a cell. To avoid using value labels, select No Value Labels when you combine the columns.

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