Using JMP > Enter and Edit Data > Organize Data > Delete Rows and Columns
Publication date: 08/13/2020

Delete Rows and Columns

To delete rows

1. Highlight the rows that you want to delete.

2. Press the Delete key, or right-click the row numbers and select Delete Rows.

Caution: When you try to delete thousands of rows, an alert might appear if your computer has insufficient memory to save data for undo. Either select fewer rows to delete or select Disable Undo from the Table panel red triangle menu. This option removes all actions from the undo history and does not record future actions. When the Disable Undo option is selected, it is in effect only while the data table is open; the setting is not saved with the data table.

To delete columns

1. Highlight the columns to delete.

2. Press the Delete key, or right-click and select Delete Columns.

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