Publication date: 08/13/2020

Enter Basic Specifications

1. Select DOE > Special Purpose > Accelerated Life Test Design.

Notice that Design for one accelerating factor and Continuous Monitoring are selected by default.

2. Click Continue.

3. Under Factor Name, click X1 and type Torque.

Notice that the Number of Levels is set to 3 by default.

4. Select Log under Factor Transformation.

5. Enter 35 for both the Low Usage Condition and the High Usage Condition.

Setting both the low and high usage conditions at the common value of 35 indicates that 35 represents the normal usage condition.

6. Enter 50 for the Low Test Condition and 100 for the High Test Condition.

Figure 22.4 Completed ALT Specification Window 

7. Click Continue.

8. Notice the Torque Level Values are set to 50, 75, and 100.

JMP sets the values of the levels evenly spaced between the low and high test conditions.

9. Ensure that Weibull is selected as the Distribution Choice.

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