Publication date: 08/13/2020

Model Comparison Report

The Model Comparison report contains a table of all the models that have been fit. Use the check boxes in the Show column to control which model reports are shown below the Model Comparison report. The rest of the columns to the right of Model Name enable you to compare models based on various criteria.

The AICc Weight value for a model can be interpreted as the probability that a particular model is the true model given that one of the fitted models is the truth. Therefore, the model with the AICc weight closest to one is the best fit. The AICc weights are calculated using only nonmissing AICc values, as follows:

AICcWeight = exp[-0.5(AICc-min(AICc))] / sum(exp[-0.5(AICc-min(AICc))])

where min(AICc) is the smallest AICc value among the fitted models.

For information about the other criteria in the Model Comparison report, see Structural Equation Model Fit Report.

To provide context for the performance of the fitted models, the following two models are shown by default in the Model Comparison report:


Fits all means, variances, and covariances of the specified Model Variables without imposing any structure on the data.


Fits all means and variances of the specified Model Variables and fixes all covariances to zero.

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