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Publication date: 08/13/2020

Reformat Report Tables

There are many ways to change the formatting of a report table. Right-click a report table to access the following formatting options:

Table Style

Adds borders, shading, and dividing lines to the table. Select from the following options:

Underline Headings

Shows the preference setting for Underline Table Headings.

Shade Headings

Shows the preference setting for Shade Table Headings.

Heading Column Borders

Shows divider lines between rows in headings.

Column Borders

Contains borders outside columns and divider lines between columns.

Row Borders

Contains borders outside rows and divider lines between columns.

Shade Alternate Rows

Shades alternate rows.

Shade Cells

Shades the body of the table. When used with Shade Alternate Rows, a darker shade is used on alternate rows.

Note: Change the format of all report tables by selecting the preceding options in the JMP preferences. On Windows, the Report Tables options are in File > Preferences > Styles. On macOS, select the Report Tables options in JMP > Preferences > Styles.


Shows or hides columns in the table.

Note: Columns whose names begin with a tilde (~), such as ~Bias, are not applicable to the analysis that you ran and do not appear in the table, even if you place checks next to their names.

Sort by Column

Sorts the columns in descending or ascending order by the selected column. You can also select Numerical Ordering to sort a sorted string column numerically. After you do that, the Numerical Ordering option is available when you right-click the column.

Make into Data Table

Creates a JMP data table from the report table. The data table script enables you to re-create the report and the data table generated by Make into Data Table.

Make Combined Data Table

Searches the report for other tables like the one you selected and combines them into a single data table. The script recreates the report and the data table generated by Make into Combined Data Table.

Make Into Matrix

Creates a JMP matrix from a report table. See Turn a Report Table Into a Matrix.

Format Columns

Changes the numeric formatting of one or more columns in the table.

Copy Column

Copies the contents of the right-click column to the Clipboard for pasting into another window or application.

Copy Table

Copies the right-click table to the Clipboard for pasting into another window or application.


Approximates the sampling distribution of a statistic. See Bootstrapping in Basic Analysis.

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