Publication date: 08/13/2020

Specify the Design Structure

Use the Accelerated Life Test Plan outline to define the model structure and the type of inspection for your design.

Figure 22.16 Initial ALT Design Window 

Design for one accelerating factor

Select for a design with one factor.

Design for two accelerating factors

main effects model

Select for a design with two factor design for a main effects model

interaction model

Select for a design with two factor design for a model that contains main effects and an interaction term for the two factors.

Monitoring at Intervals

Assumes that units are inspected for failures at intervals. Failure times are interval censored. Enter the number of inspections, the time of the first inspection, and a time between inspections. For inspection intervals that are irregular, you can change the inspection times later in the Design Choices outline.

Continuous Monitoring

Assumes that exact failure times are recorded. Failure times beyond the length of the test are right censored.

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