Publication date: 03/23/2021


The Factors outline defaults to a 5 operator, 3 part, and 3 gauge study.

Note: The MSA designer requires at least one factor with a part role.

Add Factor

Click to add one or more factors.


Removes the selected factors.

Add N Factors

Adds multiple factors. Enter the number of factors to add and click Add Factor.

Show Levels

Select to show factor levels. When selected, the following options are available.


Factor name with a menu to add a level.


Fixed to a categorical factor. MSA factors are categorical by default.


Specifies the factor levels, which you can click to edit.


Specifies the name of the factor, which you can click to edit. Initially, three factors are in the factor list; Operator, Part, and Gauge. You can add or remove factors from this list.

MSA Role

Specifies the MSA Role of the factor. Click to select from Operator, Part, Gauge, or None.

# of Levels

Specifies the number of levels for a factor.


Specifies a prior variance due to the factor. The default is one, which results in diagnostics that are scaled to the true variability.


Specifies to randomize the factor in the design table .

Number of Replicates

Specifies the number of replicates between 0 and 10 to include in your design. The number of replicates is the number of measurements in addition to an initial measurement. The default is two replicates, which results in three measurements for each run. To specify a single measurement per run, set the number of replicates to zero.

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