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Publication date: 11/29/2021

Add Text

You can use Text() to draw text at a given location.

Text( <properties>, ( {x, y}|{left, bottom, right, top} ), "text" );

The point and text can be in any order and repeated. You can precede the point and text with an optional first argument: Center Justified, Right Justified, Erased, Boxed, Counterclockwise, or Clockwise. Erased is for removing whatever would otherwise obscure the text in a graph. It paints a background-colored rectangle behind the text.

In the following example, notice how the erased text appears inside a white box over the green Rect().

mytext = New Window( "Adding Text",
	Graph Box(
		Frame Size( 200, 200 ),
		Y Scale( 0, 15 ),
		X Scale( 0, 10 ),
		Text Size( 9 );
		Text Color( "blue" );
		Text( {5, 1}, "Left Justified" );
		Text( Center Justified, {5, 2}, "Center Justified" );
		Text( Right Justified, {5, 3}, "Right Justified" );
		Fill Color( 4 );
		Rect( 5, 8, 9, 5, 1 );
		Text( Erased, {6, 6}, "Erased" );
		Text( Boxed, {6, 10}, "Boxed" );
		Text( Clockwise, {4, 10}, "Clockwise" );
		Text( Counterclockwise, {3, 5}, "Counterclockwise" );

Figure 12.19 Drawing Text in a Graph Box 

Drawing Text in a Graph Box

There is a variant of the Text() function that draws a string inside the rectangle that is specified by four coordinates. Here is the syntax:

Text( {left, top, right, bottom}, string);
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