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Publication date: 11/29/2021

Application Builder Red Triangle Options

The Application Builder red triangle menu provides options for running and debugging the application, opening sample applications, showing the grid, and more.

Run Application

Starts the application. A window for each module opens, and you can interact with the application as the user will.

Debug Application

Opens the script in the JSL Debugger to troubleshoot errors. See Debug or Profile Scripts.

Snap to Grid

Aligns (or snaps) objects to the nearest dotted grid lines as you drag them on the workspace. Selected by default.

Show Grid

Displays dotted grid lines on the workspace. Selected by default.

Show Properties

Shows or hides the Objects and Properties panels.

Auto Scroll

Automatically scrolls horizontally or vertically as you drag an object near the edges of the workspace. Selected by default.

Dashboard Mode

Displays the application in the simpler Dashboard Builder window. When you drag a report, data filter, or data table to the application, it is automatically placed in splitter and tab page boxes. You cannot add scripts in Dashboard Mode.

Be aware that switching back and forth does not change anything that you have already added to the application. Switching modes changes the way the interface works when you add new content.

Source Panel

Shows or hides the Sources panel (the left column in which application components are displayed) and categorizes the icons. Both settings are selected by default.

Save Script

Lets you save the application to a data table, journal, script window, template, or add-in. See Options for Saving Applications.

Table 16.1 Sample Applications Installed with JMP

Six Quality Graphs.jmpappsource

Creates three Control Charts, a Distribution report, and a Capability Analysis report.

Data Filter Compare.jmpappsource

Creates two Bubble Plots. Each plot has its own data filter and Tabulate report. See this application for an example of the Data Filter Context Box function.

Data Table Application.jmpappsource

Lets the user select data table columns to stratify and the sampling rate. Display the data table to see the results.

Graph Launcher.jmpappsource

Lets the user enter an equation and axes settings and then create a graph. The initial window remains open, so the user can modify the equation and create new graphs.

Instant App.jmpappsource

Combines two Multivariate reports (Principal Components/Factor Analysis and T Square with All Principal Components).

Instant App Customized.jmpappsource

A modified version of Instant App.jmpappsource. Options for selecting the principal components report, changing the marker size, and showing means are included.

Launcher With Report.jmpappsource

Lets the user select data table columns in a launch window and then creates a graph.

Parameterized Instant App.jmpappsource

Lets the user select data table columns and then creates two Multivariate reports. An argument is assigned to the Y role. This means that the reports can be created from any open data table, not just the table specified in the application.

Parameterized MSA Combo Chart.jmpappsource

Creates a collection of reports for Measurement System Analysis (MSA).


Creates an onscreen presentation, similar to a slideshow, with navigation buttons and an embedded script.

R Application.jmpappsource

Lets the user select columns and then shows multivariate data in the shape of a face (the Chernoff faces). Requires the R TeachingDemos package.

SAS Application.jmpappsource

Runs a SAS script and then adds the output to a report. Prompts you to log on to a SAS server if you are not already connected.

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