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Multivariate Methods > Correlations and Multivariate Techniques
Publication date: 11/29/2021

Correlations and Multivariate Techniques

Explore the Multidimensional Behavior of Variables

Multivariate data involve many variables instead of one (univariate) or two (bivariate). Use the Multivariate platform to explore how multiple variables relate to each other. The Multivariate platform provides many techniques to summarize and test the strength of the linear relationship between each pair of response variables. Both parametric and nonparametric correlations tests are available in the platform. You can also use graphical features, such as the Scatterplot Matrix and Color Maps, to identify dependencies, outliers, and clusters among the variables.

There are additional multivariate analysis techniques to further examine the relationship between variables, including principal components analysis, outlier analysis, and item reliability. These techniques are available through the Multivariate report. You can also use the Principal Components Analysis and Outlier Analysis platforms in JMP for more in-depth implementations of these techniques.

Figure 3.1 Example of a Multivariate Report 

Example of a Multivariate Report


Example of the Multivariate Platform

Launch the Multivariate Platform

The Multivariate Report

Multivariate Platform Options

Nonparametric Correlations
Scatterplot Matrix
Outlier Analysis
Item Reliability
Impute Missing Data

Example of Item Reliability

Computations and Statistical Details

Estimation Methods
Pearson Product-Moment Correlation
Nonparametric Measures of Association
Inverse Correlation Matrix
Distance Measures
Cronbach’s α
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