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Design of Experiments Guide > Covering Arrays > Covering Array Options
Publication date: 11/29/2021

Image shown hereCovering Array Options

The red triangle menu in the Covering Array platform contains these options:

Save Factors

Creates a data table containing a column for each factor that contains its factor levels. Each factor’s column contains these column properties: Design Role, Value Order, and Factor Changes. Saving factors enables you to quickly load them into a DOE window.

Note: You can create a factors table for a Covering Array by entering data into an empty table, but remember to assign each column an appropriate Design Role of Categorical. Right-click the column name in the data grid and select Column Properties > Design Role. In the Design Role area, select Categorical.

Load Factors

Loads factors that you have saved using the Save Factors option into the Factors outline.

Load Design

Loads a design from the active data table. If no data table is active, you are prompted to open one. When you select Load Design, a menu appears that enables you to select the columns that you want to specify as factors in the design. All columns are imported as categorical. Columns and their values are listed in the Factors outline. The Design outline shows a Run for each row in the data table and gives the values of the factors for each run.

The Load Design options enables you to obtain metrics, modify, or construct an Analysis script for an existing design:

The Metrics outline shows t-Coverage and t-Diversity for the specified design.

You can click Back to impose factor level restrictions and then construct a new design.

Clicking Make Table constructs a design table where you can enter responses. The table contains an Analysis script for the design.

Set Random Seed

Sets the random seed that JMP uses to control certain actions that have a random component. For Covering Arrays, the seed selects a starting design and an iteration count. For most designs, the random seed guarantees reproducibility of the design, but not of the run order.

Note: Upper limits on time as well as iteration count are used to limit design construction time. For some large and high strength designs, depending on the machine, the time limit might override the iteration limit. For such designs, the random seed does not guarantee reproducibility.

To reproduce a design, enter the random seed used to generate it before clicking Make Design.

Note: The random seed associated with a design is included in the DOE Dialog script that is saved to the design data table.

Advanced Options

Not available for Covering Arrays.

Save Script to Script Window

Creates the script for the design that you specified in the Covering Array window and places it in an open script window.

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