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Scripting Guide > Data Tables
Publication date: 11/29/2021

Data Tables

Working with Data Table Objects

Before you can work with a data table or with objects in a data table, you must first open the data table and assign a reference to it. In the Scripting Guide, dt represents a reference to a data table object.

To manipulate an object in JSL, you send a message to the reference that represents the object, asking the object to perform one of its tasks. Messages are commands that can be understood only in context by a particular type of object. For example, messages for data table objects include Save, New Column, Sort, and so on. Most of these messages would not make sense for another object, such as a platform object.

In this chapter, you can learn the following:

How to assign a reference to a data table

How to send messages to the reference, resulting in specific actions

About the different types of messages that data table objects can understand

Most of this chapter focuses on the different types of messages that you can send to data table objects, such as data tables, columns, rows, and values.

Tip: This chapter contains most, but not all of the JSL commands that you can use with data tables. For an exhaustive list, see the JMP Scripting Index. Select Help > Scripting Index. Select Objects from the menu, and then select Data Table.


Get Started with Data Tables

Basic Data Table Scripting

Open a Data Table
Create a New Data Table
Import Data
Set the Current Data Table
Name a Data Table
Save a Data Table
Hide a Data Table
Print a Data Table
Resize a Data Table
Close a Data Table
Set and Get a Data Table
Perform Actions on All Open Data Tables
Create Journals
Create Excel Workbooks
Prevent Changes to a Data Table

Advanced Data Table Scripting

Select Columns in a Data Table
Store Summary Statistics in Global Variables
Create a Table of Summary Statistics
Subset a Data Table
Add a Data Filter
Sort a Data Table
Stack Values in a Data Table
Split Values in a Stacked Data Table
Transpose a Data Table
Vertically Concatenate Data Tables
Horizontally Concatenate Data Tables
Virtually Join Data Tables
Replace Data in Data Tables
Create a Table Using Tabulate
Copy Data Tables
Find Missing Data Patterns
Compare Data Tables
Create a Summary Table
Subscribe to a Data Table
Move Data Between Matrices and Data Tables
Add Hyperlinks to Text Columns


Send Messages to Data Column Objects
Create Columns
Create a New Column by Text Matching
Add Several Columns at Once
Group Columns
Use Set Selected to Select Columns
Rearrange and Move Columns
Recode Columns
Add a Column Switcher
Compress Selected Columns
Create Custom Functions, Transforms, and Formats
Custom Transform Example
Delete Columns
Get Column Names
Column Attributes
Column Properties

Specify Engineering SI Units


Add Rows
Delete Rows
Select Rows
Find Rows
Move Rows
Assign Colors and Markers to Rows
Color Cells
Hide, Exclude, and Label Rows
Iterate on Rows in a Table
Prevent Editing Rows
Row States

Accessing Data Values

Set or Get Values by Column Name
Additional Ways to Access Data Values

Add Metadata to a Data Table

Data Table Variables
Table Scripts
Delete Metadata


Pre-Evaluated Statistics
Calculator Formulas
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