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Publication date: 11/29/2021


The Design outline shows the runs for the space-filling design.

Design Diagnostics

The Design Diagnostics outline shows the values for the space filling design factors scaled from zero to one. The Minimum Distance is based on these scaled values and is the minimum distance from each point to its nearest neighbor. The row number for the nearest neighbor is given in the Nearest Point column. The discrepancy value shown below the table is the integrated difference between the design points based and a uniform distribution.

The MaxPro (maximum projection) criterion is provided for the full design as well as for each level of categorical variables when used. Smaller values are better. For more information about the MaxPro criteria see MaxPro.

Note: If for any dimension, two points can have the same value (that is, xik = xjk), the MaxPro criterion is undefined. In this case, the Design Diagnostics shows a missing value for MaxPro.

Design Table

Use the Design Table buttons to finish your Space Filling Design construction.

Make Table

Constructs the Space Filling Design data table.


Takes you back to where you were before clicking Make Design. You can make changes to the previous outlines and regenerate the design.

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