Publication date: 09/27/2021


When you launch Augment Design, your specified factors populate the Factors section. Here you can modify factor levels.


Lists all factors listed as X, Factor in the Augment Design launch window except for factors with the Random Block design role column property.


Specifies the Design Role of the factor specified in the column property. If the factor does not have a Design Role column property and is constant, then Constant appears in the Role column. Otherwise, the factor’s modeling type appears in the Role column.


Indicates whether the factor levels are Easy, Hard, or Very Hard to change as specified by the Factor Changes column property in the data table. If the factor does not have a Factor Changes column property, then Changes is specified as Easy.

Note: If a factor has a Factor Changes column property that is set to Hard or Very Hard, then the corresponding whole plot factor must be included in the X, Factor list in the Augment Design launch window.


For continuous factors, shows the minimum and maximum values. For categorical factors, shows the levels.

Tip: Factors that have a role of Categorical or Constant appear in the Name column with a down arrow icon. Click the down arrow to add levels. If the factor is Constant and has a categorical modeling type, multiple levels can be added. If the factor is Constant and has a continuous modeling type, only one level can be added.

Group new runs into separate block

Adds a blocking factor to the design with a block for the original design and a block for the augmented runs.

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