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Publication date: 11/29/2021


Use the Factors outline to specify factors for a Taguchi Design.


Specify two or more 2- or 3-level signal factors. Signal factors are system control inputs. These are factors that you can control in production.


Specify one or more noise factors. Noise factors are variables that are difficult or expensive to control in production. However, you must be able to control noise factors during the experiment. Click Noise to add a noise factor.


Removes the selected factors.


The name of the factor. When added, a factor is given a default name of X1, X2, and so on. To change this name, double-click it and enter a different name.


Specifies the Design Role (Signal or Noise) of the factor. This is set when you add the factor.


The experimental settings for the factors. To insert Values, click the default values and enter the desired values.

Figure 14.10 Factors OutlineĀ 

Factors Outline

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