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Publication date: 11/29/2021

How Do I Get Started with JMP?

The general workflow in JMP is simple:

1. Get your data into JMP.

2. Select a platform and complete its launch window.

3. Explore your results and discover where your data takes you.

This workflow is described in more detail in Understand the JMP Workflow.

Typically, you start your work in JMP by using graphs to visualize individual variables and relationships among your variables. Graphs make it easy to see this information, and to see the deeper questions to ask. Then you use analysis platforms to dig deeper into your problems and find solutions.

Work with Your Data shows you how to get data into JMP.

Visualize Your Data shows you how to use some of the useful graphs JMP provides to look more closely at your data.

Analyze Your Data shows you how to use some of the analysis platforms.

The Big Picture shows you how to analyze distributions, patterns, and similar values in several platforms.

Each chapter teaches through examples. The following sections in this chapter describe data tables and general concepts for working in JMP.

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