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Publication date: 11/29/2021

Individual Causes

The Individual Causes report contains Life Distribution - Failure Cause: <Distribution Name> reports for each of the individual causes. Each Life Distribution - Failure Cause: <Distribution Name> report shows plots and distributional fit statistics for the individual failure cause indicated in the report title.

Whenever you click Update Model in the Cause Combination report, any new cause distribution that you select is added to the Life Distribution - Failure Cause: <Distribution Name> report for that cause. In the Life Distribution - Failure Cause <Distribution Name> report, the following occur:

The distribution is selected in the Compare Distributions report.

The distribution is added to the Model Comparisons report.

A Parametric report is added for that distribution.

Each Life Distribution - Failure Cause <Distribution Name> report is a Life Distribution: Statistics report as described in Life Distribution: Statistics. However, all confidence intervals are Wald intervals. These intervals are not affected by the selection of Likelihood as the Confidence Interval Method in the launch window.

Available Distributions for Competing Cause Compare Distributions Reports

If you specify a Failure Cause in the launch window, you can specify which groupings of distributions and models you want to allow in the resulting Compare Distributions reports for Individual Causes. You can select ZI (Zero-Inflated), TH (Threshold), and DS (Defective Subpopulation) distributions. You can also select fixed parameter and Bayesian models.

Note: If you have disallowed any distributions in Preferences, these do not appear. Also, rules that govern which distributions appear for Life Distribution apply. See Available Parametric Distributions.

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