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Scripting Guide > Scripting Tools > Debug or Profile Scripts > Modify Preferences in Debugger
Publication date: 11/29/2021

Modify Preferences in Debugger

The Debugger lets you change preferences as you work in the Debugger. Select the Options tab to find the following settings:

Show Line Numbers

Shows or hides the line numbers for the script in the Debugger.

Break on Multiple Statements Per Line

Stops executing the script between each expression in a single line.

Break On Throw

Breaks when the script executes the Throw() function. For example, Throw() might be enclosed in a Try() expression. The Debugger breaks on Throw() instead of continuing through the rest of the expression. This lets you identify where the problem occurred in the script and then return to debugging.

Break On Execution Error

Stops executing the script when the error occurs rather than closing the Debugger.

Warn On Assignment In Condition

Shows a warning when you enter a breakpoint condition that contains the assignment. For example, if you have a breakpoint on x = 1 and add the condition x = 1 to the breakpoint, you are prompted to verify the assignment of x.

Enter Debugger Upon Termination

Keeps the Debugger open after a JSL program terminates execution. On by default, this option lets you examine attributes of the executed program.

Break For Compatibility Warnings

Breaks when a JSL compatibility issue is found.

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