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Basic Analysis > Distributions > Options for Categorical Variables
Publication date: 11/29/2021

Options for Categorical Variables

The red triangle menus next to each variable in the report window contain additional options that apply to the variable. This section describes the options that are available for categorical (nominal or ordinal) variables.

Display Options

See Display Options for Categorical Variables.

Histogram Options

See Histogram Options for Categorical Variables.

Mosaic Plot

Displays a mosaic bar chart for each nominal or ordinal response variable. A mosaic plot is a stacked bar chart where each segment is proportional to its group’s frequency count.

Order By

Reorders the histogram, mosaic plot, and Frequencies report in ascending or descending order, by count. To save the new order as a column property, use the Save > Value Ordering option.

Test Probabilities

Displays a report that tests hypothesized probabilities. See Examples of the Test Probabilities Option.

Confidence Interval

This menu contains confidence levels. Select a value that is listed, or select Other to enter your own. JMP computes score confidence intervals.


See Save Options for Categorical Variables.


Permanently removes the variable and all its reports from the Distribution report.

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