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Scripting Guide > Efficient Scripts > Scripting Graphs and Display Boxes
Publication date: 11/29/2021

Scripting Graphs and Display Boxes

When displaying large numbers in graphs, you can set a preference to use Fast Markers.

Preferences( Fast Marker Threshold( 25000 ) ); // 50000 is the default.

Collapse some of the outline nodes in a report to speed up the script.

			{"Fit Life by X - Hours BY Arrhenius Celsius (Temp) Regression "},
			{Close( 1 )}

Construct your display boxes outside New Window() and then include them by reference in New Window(). This method saves the drawing until the end.

tb = Text Box( "Select:" );
lb = List Box( {"One", "Two", "Three"} );
New Window( "test", tb, lb );

The user might not need to see a report if the numbers will be used in another platform or for a future calculation. You can hide the report.

dt= Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Big" );
obj = Bivariate( Y( :Weight ), X( :Height ) );
obj << Show Window( 0 ); // hide the window
obj << Fit Line( {Confid Curves Fit( 1 )} );

Submit the following script to see the report window. Notice that the confidence curves were fit even though the window was not shown.

obj << Show Window( 1 );
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