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Publication date: 11/29/2021

String Col Boxes

String Col Box<<Add Element(item)

Adds the item to the quoted string Col Box. Item can be a single quoted string or a list of quoted strings.

String Col Box<<Get

String Col Box<<Get(i)

Gets the values in a list or the iā€‰ā€‰th value.

String Col Box<<Get Heading

Returns the column heading text.

String Col Box<<Remove Element(row number)

Removes an element from the column at the specified position.

String Col Box<<Set Allow Text Search(Boolean)


In table boxes with selectable rows, allows a quoted string column that has focus to respond to keyboard input to change the selected row.


// Run the example.
// Select K2.
// Type the letter g. Notice the last row is selected.
// Type the letters ki. Notice the third row is selected.
New Window( "Mountains",
	tb = Table Box(
		sb =
		String Col Box( "Mountain",
			{"K2", "Delphi", "Kilimanjaro",
			"Grand Teton"}
		Number Col Box( "Elevation (meters)",
			{8611, 681, 5895, 4199}
		Plot Col Box( "", {8611, 681, 5895, 4199} )
tb << Set Selectable Rows( 1 );
sb << Set Allow Text Search( 1 );

String Col Box<<Set Heading(title)

Changes the column heading specified in the quoted title.

String Col Box<<Set Justify(justification)

Specifies the alignment of the contents in the quoted string col box to "Right", "Left", or "Center".

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