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Publication date: 11/29/2021

View or Change Column Information in a Data Table

Information about a data table column is not limited to the data in the column. Data type, modeling type, format, and formulas can also be set.

To view or change column characteristics, double-click the column heading. Or, right-click the column heading and select Column Info. The Column Info window appears.

Figure 3.11 Column Info Window 

Column Info Window

Column Name

Enter or change the column name. No two columns can have the same column name.

Data Type

Select one of the following data types:


Specifies the column values as numbers.


Specifies the column values as non-numeric, such as letters or symbols.

Row State

Specifies the column values as row states. This is an advanced topic. See Store Information in Row State Columns in Using JMP.

Modeling Type

Modeling types define how values are used in analyses. Select one of the following modeling types:


Numeric only


Either numeric or character, and are ordered categories


Either numeric or character, but not ordered


Select a format for numeric values. This option is not available for character data. Here are a few of the most common formats:


Lets JMP choose the best display format.

Fixed Dec

Specifies the number of decimal places that appear.


Specifies the syntax for date values.


Specifies the syntax for time values.


Specifies the type of currency and decimal points that are used for currency values.

Column Properties

Set special column properties such as formulas, notes, and value orders. See Set JMP Column Properties in Using JMP.


Lock a column, so that the values in the column cannot be changed.

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