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Publication date: 11/29/2021

Other Objects

Zip Archives

list = za<<Dir

Returns a list of member names

data = za<<Read(member name, <Format("blob")>)

Returns a quoted string that contains the entire quoted member name. A zip file consists of filenames, also called “member names”.


For remote files, JMP copies the URL data to the local disk. When the zip archive is no longer accessible, the local data file is deleted.

actualname = za<<Write(member name, member data, <"replace">)

Writes a quoted string or quoted blob to a zip archive member file. If the quoted member name isn’t in the current zip file, the returned actualname is the same as member name. This member name will be changed to prevent overwriting an existing member; the name actually used is returned. The quoted member data argument is the data to write into the zip file’s member of that name. replace creates the file with a temporary name, deletes the old file, and renames the temporary file to the existing name.

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