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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Image shown hereAdd Event Panel

Events represent discrete occurrences in a simulation. You can use events to trigger actions. There is no limit to how many actions a single event can trigger. The following options are available in the Add Event Panel:

Note: Some block shapes do not have all of the available event types.

Block Failure

Occurs when the block fails. If the component pathway is interrupted, the system is set to the Down state.


Occurs at a specified recurring interval. The Max Occurrence option sets a limit on the number of occurrences of this event in a simulation. By default, Max Occurrence is set to missing. In this case, the event continues to occur until the end of the simulation. See Event Settings.

Inservice Based

Occurs when the component reaches a specified age. A component’s age is the cumulative time that it has been functional and active. Age stops increasing when a component fails or its block is turned off. The Max Occurrence sets a limit on how many times this event can take place in a simulation. By default, the event continues to occur until the end of the simulation. See Event Settings.

System is Down

Occurs when the system is set to either the Down or the Off state. The system state can be changed intentionally or unintentionally.


Occurs when each simulation iteration begins. Use this event to arrange actions that have to complete before the system runs.

Create an Event

1. To create an event, select a block shape in the System Diagram to display the Add Event and Add Action panels at the bottom of the System Diagram.

2. Select one of the options in the Add Event panel to define an event for the selected block shape.

Figure 12.6 Block Failure Event 

Block Failure Event

An orange square that represents the new event appears above the component. Notice that a connection arrow appears on the right side of the selected event.

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