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Basic Analysis > Contingency Analysis > Agreement Statistic
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Agreement Statistic

When the two variables have the same levels, the Agreement Statistic option is available. This option shows the Kappa statistic (Agresti 1990), its standard error, confidence interval, hypothesis test, and Bowker’s test of symmetry.

The Kappa statistic and associated p-value given in this section are approximate. An exact version of the agreement statistic is available. See Exact Test.

Note: For statistical details, see Agreement Statistic Option. See also Example of the Agreement Statistic Option.


Shows the Kappa statistic.

Std Err

Shows the standard error of the Kappa statistic.

Lower 95%

Shows the lower endpoint of the confidence interval for Kappa.

Upper 95%

Shows the upper endpoint of the confidence interval for Kappa.


Shows the p-value for a one-sided test for Kappa. The null hypothesis tests if Kappa equals zero.


Shows the p-value for a two-sided test for Kappa.


Shows the test statistic for Bowker’s test. For Bowker’s test of symmetry, the null hypothesis is that the probabilities in the square table satisfy symmetry, or that pij=pji for all pairs of table cells. When both X and Y have two levels, this test is equal to McNemar’s test.


Shows the p-value for the Bowker’s test.

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