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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Analysis of Means Charts

Each Analysis of Means Methods option adds a decision chart to the report window that shows the following:

an upper decision limit (UDL)

a lower decision limit (LDL)

a horizontal (center) line that falls between the decision limits; the center line position is determined by the chart type:

ANOM: the overall mean

ANOM with Transformed Ranks: the overall mean of the transformed ranks

ANOM for Variances: the root mean square error (or MSE when in variance scale)

ANOM for Variances with Levene (ADM): the overall absolute deviation from the mean

ANOM for Ranges: the mean of the group ranges

If a group’s plotted statistic falls outside of the decision limits, then the test indicates that there is a statistical difference between that group’s statistic and the overall average of the statistic for all the groups.

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