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Basic Analysis > Contingency Analysis > Analysis of Means for Proportions
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Analysis of Means for Proportions

The analysis of means for proportions (ANOMP) is a multiple comparison method for testing if individual group proportions differ from the overall proportion.

Note: For a description of Analysis of Means methods, see the document by Nelson et al. (2005). See also Example of Analysis of Means for Proportions.

If the response has two levels, you can use this option to compare response proportions for the X levels to the overall response proportion. This method uses the normal approximation to the binomial. Therefore, if the sample sizes are too small, a warning appears in the results.

The following options appear in the red triangle menu:

Set Alpha Level

Selects the alpha level used in the analysis.

Show Summary Report

Produces a report that shows the response proportions with decision limits for each level of the X variable. The report indicates whether a limit has been exceeded.

Switch Response Level for Proportion

Changes the response category used in the analysis.

Display Options

Shows or hides the decision limits, decision limit shading, center line, and point options.

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