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Using JMP > Reshape Your Data > Anonymize Data
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Anonymize Data

The Anonymize Data feature enables you to create a new data table in which certain unique identifiers have been removed:

Column headings, character data, and value labels are modified.

Data in nominal columns are modified.

Modified data in ordinal columns appear in the same order as in the original data table.

Data in continuous columns are not modified.

Column names in column properties are modified.

Note: Table scripts and some table variables cannot be anonymized. If your data table contains content that cannot be anonymized, a warning message appears in the log.

“Notes” column properties are removed. Other column properties are modified based on changes in the data table. For example, Value Order properties are renamed. Formulas except for prediction formulas are updated. Some column properties might no longer have the desired effect on the column.

To rename data, do one of the following:

To rename data in specific columns, select the columns and then select Tables > Anonymize.

To rename data in the entire data table, select Tables > Anonymize.

The data appear in a new data table.

DISCLAIMER: The Anonymize Data utility is provided merely to assist Users in removing certain unique identifiers from a data table as described above. The Anonymize Data utility might not remove all sensitive or personally identifiable information from a data table. Users should not rely exclusively on the Anonymize Data utility to remove such information where complete anonymization, pseudo-anonymization, or de-identification of data is desired or required by law or policy (such as where data are or might be disclosed to other parties). SAS does not represent, and specifically disclaims, that use of the Anonymize Data utility will by itself result in the User’s compliance with any national, state, local or international laws, regulations, or policies that pertain to the privacy, de-identification, or anonymization of sensitive or personally identifiable information.

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