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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Image shown hereAssociation Analysis

Perform Market Basket Analysis

Image shown hereThe Association Analysis platform is available only in JMP Pro.

Association analysis enables you to identify items that have an affinity for each other. It is frequently used to analyze transactional data (also called market baskets) to identify items that often appear together in transactions. For example, grocery stores and online merchants use association analysis to strategically organize and recommend products that tend to be purchased together.

Association analysis is also used for identifying dependent or associated events. For example, you can identify car parts that seem to fail around the same time. In this application, car inspections are treated as the market baskets and you analyze the associations among groups of faulty parts found in each inspection.

Figure 25.1 Example of Singular Value Decomposition PlotsĀ 

Example of Singular Value Decomposition Plots


Overview of the Association Analysis Platform

Example of the Association Analysis Platform

Launch the Association Analysis Platform

Data Format

The Association Analysis Report

Frequent Item Sets

Association Analysis Platform Options

Singular Value Decomposition

SVD Report
SVD Report Options

Topic Analysis

Topic Analysis Report
Topic Analysis Report Options

Additional Example: SVD Analysis

Statistical Details for the Association Analysis Platform

Frequent Item Set Generation
Association Analysis Performance Measures
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