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Quality and Process Methods > Attribute Gauge Charts
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Attribute Gauge Charts

Evaluate a Categorical Measurement Process Using Agreement Measures

Attribute charts analyze categorical measurements and can help show you measures of agreement across responses, such as raters. In attribute data, the variable of interest has a finite number of categories. Typically, data has only two possible results, such as pass or fail. You can examine aspects such as how effective raters were at classifying a part, how much they agreed with each other, and how much they agreed with themselves over the course of several ratings.

Tip: This chapter covers only attribute charts. For more information about variability charts, see Variability Gauge Charts.

Figure 6.1 Example of an Attribute Chart 

Example of an Attribute Chart


Overview of Attribute Gauge Charts

Example of an Attribute Gauge Chart

Launch the Variability/Attribute Gauge Chart Platform

The Attribute Gauge Chart and Reports

Agreement Reports
Effectiveness Report

Attribute Gauge Platform Options

Statistical Details for Attribute Gauge Charts

Statistical Details for the Agreement Report
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