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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Boolean Values

A Boolean value enables or disables an option. To enable the option, use 1, true, or yes as the argument.

obj << Unequal Variances( 1 );
obj << Unequal Variances( "true" );
obj << Unequal Variances( "yes" );

Note: Quoting the value prevents it from being evaluated as a variable.

Omitting the argument also enables the option. This is the default for all but row state messages.

obj << Unequal Variances;
obj << Unequal Variances();

To disable the option, use 0, false, or no as the argument.

To toggle an option (turn off an enabled option or turn on a disabled option), use "toggle".


The quoted "present", "absent", "on", "off", "switch", and "flip" are supported for backwards compatibility.

For row state messages, an empty argument always toggles the option.

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