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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Capacitor Example

This example uses Capacitor and can be found in the Reliability folder of the sample data. It contains simulated data that gives censored observations for three levels of temperature, for a reliability study. Observations are shown as censored values at temperature levels of 85, 105, and 125 degrees Celsius.

1. Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Reliability/Capacitor

2. Select Analyze > Reliability and Survival > Fit Life by X.

3. Select Hours and click Y, Time to Event.

4. Select Temperature and click X.

5. Select Censor and click Censor.

6. Leave the Censor Code as Censored.

7. Select Freq as Freq.

8. Keep Arrhenius Celsius as the relationship, and keep the Nested Model Tests option selected.

9. Select Weibull as the distribution.

10. Keep Wald as the confidence interval method.

Figure 4.21 Fit Life by X Launch Window 

Fit Life by X Launch Window

11. Click OK.

Figure 4.22 Fit Life by X Report Window for Capacitor Data 

Fit Life by X Report Window for Capacitor Data

The report window shows summary data, diagnostic plots, comparison data and results, including detailed statistics and prediction profilers. Separate result sections are shown for each selected distribution. Distribution, Quantile, Hazard, Density, and Acceleration Factor Profilers are included for each of the specified distributions.

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